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I have build an bridge box which in essence is a jeti rx outputting ppm and it runs into a Spektrum DM9 so I can fly Spektrum BNF with my jeti radio. You can do the same with the TBS crossfire easily. You can also use the orange rx stuff for spektrum in essence any tx module that accepts ppm input.

I have a jeti rx again with ppm output with a cheap usb dongle for an wireless simulator. Hall gimbals so not worried about working out pots while simming hours on end as i am a slow learner it seems.

I use the tiny r7nano on small helis like the OMP M2. Size of a thumb nail.

I use a jeti rx on a quad for fpv flights.

I dont fly planes and jets but there the jeti system provides a plethora of sensors and setup options.

It really does it all for me and the only other contender would be vcontrol BUT bnf and quad stuff immediately no go due to no capability or just too expensive and too big to fit.

Hope it helps
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