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The resolution definitely isn't as good with VR as 2D simming. I think this is mainly because of the zoom on the 2D simming. VR has no zoom. Real life doesn't have zoom either so I think this is a good thing. When you fly far away in 3D you start to lose the helicopter. Doesn't this happen in real life? I think the fact that it can disappear into the distance with VR helps me as the same is true in real life. I find I now keep a better mental orientation of the helicopter, if that makes sense.
I agree with this.
On my system at 1440P, regardless of visual clarity, I can only fly a little further in 2D than 3D before I lose orientation.
However, what surprises me is that in VR I seem to be able to recover more often or fly through the loss of orientation. It's like the heli is more often where I thought it should be in VR than 2D.

I don't know if that means I am keeping a better mental orientation or my brain is just working better in VR.
Note: I still fly like crap in real life though.
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