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More info about the Flash from Timo Wendtland, Oxy Team Pilot who posted this in rc-heli-de:


since I've been flying a Flash prototype for a while, some information:

- rotor head - chassis - gearbox is mostly new to cope with the higher loads.
- The rear slightly revised
- the hood is new.

There are also some parts of the Oxy 5 that have proven themselves there.

So the current status is that it holds even with a 4530 power setup at 2300 rpm + and still remains under 5kg with 12s 5000 65c batteries.

A power setup like this is actually only intended for testing and is way too much of a good thing.
In the end I would like to use a small 4035 with 12s 4500 max.Sheets

are currently 700/115 max feasible.

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