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Default picking the right esc

my friends and I have this debate all the time. they are younger then I and have no clue
about flybars, paddles and ect..Back in the day a 120 amp esc was top dog, why it was
the biggest esc period. Pilots like Curtis Youngblood, Bert Kammerer, Bobby watts,Tareq Aalsaadi and Alan Szabo.all used 120 amps esc's. They were not blowing up all the time. well, except for a bit time, there, was one company who did have a reputation for cremating themselves but not just 120 esc,but all of them.With the development of technology now batteries rated at 100c or higher and all of the electronics which are mini computers anyway. Every aspect of flying helis today is so much more efficient then ten years ago.Hell for that matter 5 years no 1 year it just jumps so fast.Think about all the new models we have had in 1 year.This is the biggest factor in picking your esc being honest with yourself do you fly hard enough to truly need that 200 amp esc..I believe the 130 esc is an great product. And if someone is flying and pulling all kinds of Amps and they are not down on the deck killing it 3D maniac,and pulls 200amps, two words (COLLECTIVE MANAGEMENT) Do whats right for you..
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