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There maybe a spot in the macros for telemetry. I can't say that it will or will not work but I know that with another gyro I am using, I do get the charge used via the Flight Pack macros. That information should be there but the only helicopter that I had the 120 in, I just removed it. If you have the FC6250HX, you will get full telemetry data but not per cell data as you need Smart batteries for those features. It is also possible that Current Used may not show up unless you are using Smart batteries. Horizon tech support should be able to answer that question. Most of us muddled through via experimentation to find out what works and what doesn't and after a while, I just give up and am happy to get pack voltage via the ESC. The reason that I pulled the ESC is that I have a 700 scale helicopter and the startup kicked like a mule. I was only able to reduce it to about 50% of what it was but I need a very soft and scale-like spool up or I go with what I know gives me that. As far as a working ESC, it does give you full usable telemetry but as I said, I didn't investigate it fully as even I didn't have Smart batteries to try it out with. I did setup a custom window that showed Battery 1 current but I actually never looked at it to see if it was populated. That is the best that I can offer as there is precious little information being given out by owners of these gyros anywhere. I have searched for issues with the kick at start and I can only find info on the original Hobbywing ESCs which is who these are made by but the software and firmware are lacking features of the HWs. Best I can offer.

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