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Hey thanks for the info,at the moment i use tm1000 with rctronix sensors that give me what i want ,on 600/700 helis ,i fly with spartan fbl vx1e,
On the 600pro i have cc 80amp esc (thinking avian120 and 6250 hx )
On the goblin 700 i use the hw 130 hv v4 (both 12s helis )
But am thinking of getting the 6250hx with the avian esc to make full use of my new ix20 tx ,and that should give me volts/temp/rpm etc ,but if it does not give mah use i will keep the tm1000 and rctronix as well and get all the telemetry .
Just trying to clean up the wiring and simplify things
but thanks again for the reply
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