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Yes indeed! When I first started to move from nitro into electric for the larger helis, my first 700 electric was a Rave ENV. And I had one of those ironically named 120 amp ESCs that had a bit of a reputation... But it was fine for me (I think I had the Ice-2 or something which they had improved vs the orig Ice). I had a Scorpion 4035 / 450, flybar, running headspeeds around 1800-1900, and pairs of huge 5000mah packs that weighed 800 grams each. And it all worked very well - bags of power compared to nitro.

Later I started moving over to Kontronik ESCs mainly because they're just so darn easy to setup, and then no fiddling.

When I first got the Triabolo I thought it would be power hungry with the three blades and it's generally a pretty big airframe. So I fitted a Kosmik 160. But inspecting the logs, in reality I was pulling way way less amps than I expected, so the Kosmik was overkill.
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