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Another note on the 4651T/6250 combination. You will not be able to use the TM1000 at the same time. Only one will transmit the data according to the techs at Horizon that post here and on other forums. I can tell you from using the battery voltage voice callout for a few years now and it is as accurate as the mAh consumed. I would not take the view that you are missing a "Must Have" option. Like I mentioned, there are systems that will give you that readout but your plans are not going to move along with the equipment you are planning to use. As much as I like the 6250, it is not a good combination with the Avian 120A in my area of interest. It will not slow spool up. That doesn't mean that it is not a good combination for a 3D machine, just not for a scale helicopter. The Brain2/iKON2, when used with HW or Castle and the 4651T plus one or two standard remotes, will give you all the marbles, of that you can be certain. I have three systems that follow that setup or use the 4649T in place of the 4651T. I am just waiting on a Castle HV120 to run with a 6250 but I am not expecting nor needing mAh readouts to feel confident in the telemetry given me. I run two of those systems but they will most likely be the last. Systems from here out will be iKON2s. Hope this helps.


PS: I also run an iX20.
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