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Originally Posted by Keyrigger View Post
I think you'll find that the Hobbywing ESCs also do not have mAh consumed information, which the Avian is. I know that if you have current used like is in the Castles, some gyros can work out the mAh that have been consumed based on that draw. I get the feeling that the reading is solely based on the gyro interpreting the data and not the ESC. If the ESC has current being drawn by the motor (and internal BEC if equipped) and it is read by the gyro, it could be setup to give that info using the Flight Pack macro which the Brain2/iKON2 are setup to do. Just my thoughts.

So how does the MAH part work? you say it just keeps up with what has been used? not what is left. well that would be fine also.

I have a castle in my Goblin, with a Ikon 2 BT unit, and thought all i needed was the castle link telemetry thing so i got it but then realized no place to plug in for xbus, then someone said you have to make a short extension with a capacitor inline to plug into a servo port on the Ikon2 to make that happen.
I wish this stuff was a little easier to make all work together.

I have a flying buddy with a 6250 and avian esc and he says he could never get any of it to work, maybe he didn't have the TX programmed correctly.

I use Avian smart esc in my planes and get voltage and temp on my radio w/o issues but the MAH would be nice also.

Originally Posted by ticedoff8 View Post
You may want to consider an alternative to Spektrum.
You already have two ESC brands (CC & HW) that have the telemetry interface needed for the MSH Electronics iKON2 / Brain2 to provide the "mA Consumed" ("fuel gauge") back to your iX20 (or iX12, DX-series gen2 or NX radios).
You can replace the TM1000 with a SPM4651T + 2 SPM4647 / SPM4648 sats and get a bi-directional interface between the transmitter and the flight controller and get all the telemetry the ESC supports plus telemetry and remote setup of the flight controller.
I just got a SPM4651T and was considering putting it on my Ikon 2. and ditching one of the Sats. I guess or would i really still need both sats? I only have the 4651T on my Blade fusion with one sat coming off the 6250.

but not sure what if any data I would/could get, cause on it its running the Castle talon 90 esc.

thinking about just getting another avian 100amp esc for it tho. then i could get data?
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