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As you pointed out, you need to make a jumper cable so that the telemetry can be read by the iKON2/Brain2 coming from the Castle ESCs. They are simple to do and it takes me less than 20 minutes from a cold start to have it finished. I need to make one more but that will not be for a little while now. The Castles record the current consumed but do not make it available as something to be displayed. Somehow, MSH Electronics has been able to tap into that information and make it available. I use it as one of two spoken telemetry events that are activated by my Hold switch when it is in the O position. I run engine battery voltage from the ESC section and the mAh reading comes from the Flight Pack MAH macro and since there is only one battery on this system, Flightpack_Chargedused_A and it will call out the current used. You may need to do a calibration if you are inputting more than it reports being used and that is in the basic setup pages of the iKON2 software. I have come to the conclusion that unless the ESC gives you the data you want outright, like flight pack voltage, or current used, then there will need to be another way to access the information. The iKON2 has allowed that information to be accessed but it does need a bit of work to be done by the pilot. Take care.

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