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Originally Posted by Keyrigger View Post
I think you'll find that the Hobbywing ESCs also do not have mAh consumed information, which the Avian is. I know that if you have current used like is in the Castles, some gyros can work out the mAh that have been consumed based on that draw. I get the feeling that the reading is solely based on the gyro interpreting the data and not the ESC. If the ESC has current being drawn by the motor (and internal BEC if equipped) and it is read by the gyro, it could be setup to give that info using the Flight Pack macro which the Brain2/iKON2 are setup to do. Just my thoughts.

Any HW ESC V4 80A and up provides both current/mAh used, so its a limitation of the Avian firmware being dumbed down intentionally to remove this feature vs the HW original, or its a limitation of the rest of the hardware elsewhere just not being capable to read the data. Brain/Ikon, Spirit and other FBL units have been easily providing this data from any HW above the 60 with no problem for a few years.

You need current in order to calculate capacity used, so this is the limitation as there is no current shunt on any HW 60 and below, but the 80A up all have them. A FBL unit can not "estimate" the Mah used. This is all produced directly from the ESC based on the actual current shunt data, which even then on many ESCs needs an external correction scaling factor for those ESCs which have a less sensitive current shunt than others do when pulling low amps. This is where the FBL unit steps in and can alter the data values coming from the ESC up/down to produce a more accurate result on the TX side, but this is just a simple mathematical % change of the values coming from the ESC

There is a thing called a virtual shunt in the drone world for ESCs that have no current shunt, but they dont work that well for our needs and this isnt what any FBL maker that I'm aware of is using or else there would be no mAh limitations from any of the units or ESCs, at least on paper

You can tune them up/down with a lot of flight experimentation based on the current draw at 100% throttle and it will try and extrapolate any values below 100 based only on throttle stick position, but this really only works on planes or drones where the throttle and load is pretty much fixed most of the time during flight and the load never really changes.

It takes forever and dozens of flights to figure out what the correct 100% throttle current value is, and it will fail immediately on a heli as soon as you dont fly that exact way the next flight.
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