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For what its worth...
This is a chart from MS Electronics (Brain2 / iKON2) that lists the 6 supported ESC that can send telemetry through their flight controllers.

Its interesting to note that mA Consumed is a value that is calculated by the flight controller's software and not being sent to the flight controller as a value for the Castle Creations and the HW (and variants loaded with the generic HW firmware):

There are some ESC listed that do calculate their own mA Consumed. But not CC or HW.

My assumption is that the MSH Electronics flight controller are sampling the "Main Battery Current" values and summing them over time. The CC Talon does not send the "Main Battery Current" values, so that's why MSH Electronics flight controllers cannot calculate mA Consumed from the Talon ESC.
I don't know how the Spirit does this (assuming it does).
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