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Originally Posted by Keyrigger View Post
Tony, give my a link to a data sheet from HW that shows the telemetry being output from the HW ESCs. In the iKON2 and Spirit, the mAh used is CALCULATED by the gyro, NOT given from the ESC. Please show me. I am tired of this. Go read the sheets from MSH Electronics and Spirit again and tell that they don't calculate the mAh used values and that it is a direct output from the ESCs. I am ready to read and learn.

I think we are talking past each other with essentially the same info here Don. The FBL unit needs the current data which comes from the ESC. Its very simple to calculate the current over time/mAh once you have this value, but a FBL unit cannot "calculate" mAh telemetry without the current data which is given by the ESC, and therefore by default mAh is a factor of the ESC data no matter where its calculated.

Your post seemed to indicate that no HW can provide this data, which of course its well known that the 80A and above absolutely can if using electronics that can make use of the info which is the OPs problem here.

Now I understand you were talking about where the actual conversion to mAh itself specifically occurs rather than the desired end result at the TX which is inconsequential considering the OP doesnt have the ability to access the data anyway with his current equipment. Unless he is willing to move all electronics into the new Spektrum ecosystem. The Avian 120 has a current shunt just like its HW original, so it is possible to obtain mAh used with the correct equipment that can access it

Whether the other FBL brands are locked out or not from accessing this data is another discussion though. I seem to recall at one point in the past it was locked out with different firmware, but then later a few others claimed they were getting it with Brain? It would be cheaper to switch FBL units if it will work than to be forced into using all Spek packs, and electronics just to get the data from the Avian
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