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Can anyone tell me in detail step by step how to set dual rates in Real Flight 9.5 for Heli models? I've navigated to where you do and have changed numbers and settings but it doesn't seem to make a difference when i flip the "C" switch. I have the Interlink DX controller that came with the software. The dual rates are assigned to "C" in the mapping. I have dual rates for aileron, elevator and rudder. I'm assuming high rate would be 100% with my switch at "0". I would like to set a midpoint around %75 and then a low at around 50%. I have expo at 30% for high, would like about 25% for mid and 20% for low. I'm getting confused with the part about setting "value 1 and value 2, if one is higher or lower, etc. Does that mean the switch doesn't work until those parameters are met, whatever they should be?

I would like to apply these setting to aileron, elevator and rudder and want them all the same for now. Can they all be put on "C" switch? This collective pitch is new to me. I've flown a few years with 4ch fixed heli's and got so bored with it i stopped doing it. I'm flying the real flight simulator and holy cow this is the coolest most free experience i've ever had with heli's. The collective pitch if wonderful and leaves limitless possibilites. I've only managed to keep the heli in non inverted flight though with figure 8's. It will come in time but right now i really need to tame these heli's down. Too reactive on the cyclic.
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