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It also takes less time to google a pic than to type that response. Just sayiní.

Hereís mine with the plane I use to test out all new radio equipment. Today was the first day out with it. In all, nice radio. Screen shows up really well in the sun (much better than my Vcontrol Touch and Radiomaster that were also with me today), good signal, feels different but good.

Programming wise itís very capable, thereís a few things different than OpenTX, but for the most part everything is there and works similarly. Thereís a couple of details that need to be addressed (showing peaks on telemetry for instance), but Iím sure thatíll come. I also setup a model in it to go with a Maxx FBL I picked up to play with, wasnít difficult and all works as expected.

In all, I like it. Iíd be had most radios (all the Jetis, Spektrum iX20 and iX12, Futabas up to 14MZ and 14SZ, every Frsky, Jumper 16, Radiomaster 16, plus both flavors of Vcontrol), and Iíd pick this over all of them if I didnít enjoy the Vcontrol and Neo setup so much. This will definitely become my new radio for everything aside from my helis.
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