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Awesome, see you there!
Let me try to answer some of your questions...

First of all, make sure you check all applicable regulations regarding LiPo batteries on commercial flights. Maybe check with some other pilots who've travelled here internationally to see what they do. You can also consider buying a few packs when you get here and selling them before you leave.

If you get a cheap tent, unless you're some kind of wilderness survival expert, you're probably not going to sleep well. August weather in Indiana is very hard to predict--it could be 90F one night and 45F the next. If you really don't want to get a hotel perhaps plan to buy a sleeping bag and roll it out in your rental car.

There isn't any electricity provided at the flight line, but most of your neighbors will have a generator. Bring your charger, and just ask to borrow an outlet. They won't ask for anything in return but you can spot them a few dollars for gas if you wish.

Oxy parts will be available on-site from Helidirect, and if you end up needing any tools just ask any of your neighbors or go see the Oxy team pilots and they will help you out.
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