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Originally Posted by Smoggie View Post
Makes me think, now the RAW has been around for a few months what about a list of 'likes and dislikes'. Might be useful for those considering buying?

I appreciate that any list is likely to be somewhat personal but there should be some things that most can agree on.

Problem with this is you will have too much of a spread on skill-set, experience in building & tuning etc. What I may see and dislike you may not at all and feel my opinion is bunk etc. So best leave people to love or hate things lol.

Rather then say dislikes FWIW I will share a few things I wish were different..

1.) The head dampening was o-rings all the way versus O-ring and Delrin ring offsetting the end (teter).

2.) The tail box design was different, actually solid on the end with a much wider radial bearing versus the thin flanged ones being all that supports the tr shaft..

3.) Bearings in followers above swash were press fit versus sloppy Joe as this changes inter phase ever so slight, (but its there).
...Once upon a time there were Nitros, flybars & frequency pins...Shawn

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