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You will have a blast! If you have common spares that are small, I would throw them in. Borrowing tools is easier, but if your missing one part fixing a crash, you are grounded. Helidirect will have parts there but common ones do sell out. If they don't have something, ask. Their warehouse is fairly close and may be able to re-stock the following day.

You may want to buy a chair stateside, lots of folks will share a corner of their canopy, but may or may not have extra chairs. Grab water or drinks at a store, you will need it in the summer heat. Consider sunscreen if you burn, no fun becoming burnt. Walmart is close and has almost everything. Plan on walking a ton or you can rent a golf cart. It's a big place.

Lots of activity Friday and Saturday (you don't really need sleep), many head for home on Sunday, so it's a great day to get more flying in. Stay late Friday as the informal night flying can get very entertaining! There is usually competition night flying Saturday.

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