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about isolation. If you have a industrial isolatet stator and it has a green coating than it is a powdercoating. The fresch stampt an assambled statorplates are heated to (one example temperatur) 200 degree celsius . When it is hot the dive the stator in a powdercloude of termal melting plastic . This is melt by the heat of the stator so it gives a very good coating around the corners. After diving in the powdercoating cloude the coated stator will cool down and is than ready for production. The other way is to ad the endplates made of epoxy material plate , with the same designe of the metal plates and set in side the slots a layer of Nomex paper or polyester foil or the most heat resistance foile made of kapton to secure the surface inside the statorslots. here is a link to our German / Munich isolation and motorparts speziallist Stefan Mayer, . Try to do a search wirh searchmaschine in the internet.

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Why should they look all the way to Germany for this paper from your friend? If you really cared about them why didn't you give them and entire box of your old liners for free like Aloys? You know you're never going to use it again....

They can get powder coating over the counter at any bass pro shop or Cabellas in America. Its the same thing u color fishing jigs with

PRO-TEC powder paint

Nomex is all over ebay and probably Amazon too. Quick delivery.

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