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Default VCT rescue pilot oversteer

I’m having an issue somewhere in my vbar control system. I’ve had 3 crashes on 2 different helicopters with 2 different Neos- same VCT. One heli is an oxy4 max (2crash) and the other is Kraken 580e. All crashes were from a main blade boom strike on both machines. I tried to save the logs from the 1st 2 crashes, but the “spring cleaning update” wiped everything out while I was in the process. I thought maybe static so I installed grounding system on Oxy. I took it out today and it had another strike during easy, level flight. A few seconds before I was doing lazy pirouette circuits and had gotten a little out of shape, so I activated rescue. Rescue cycle was normal. Switched out and traversed the field when heli self destructed.
I took a picture of the screen in case I loose another log. The most puzzling line is “rescue pilot oversteer” which was well after the rescue cycle completed. I’m having trust issues with this system at this point.
Since 2 separate Neos are involved the only common item is the VCT. All incidents have had aileron and elevator “sensors out of range” during event as well. Ideas?
The battery was unplugged when the canopy was ejected during the strike. Heli was dead when it hit the ground. The second rescue activation was in response to the strike which was right before the file ended.
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