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I have uploaded the crash flight logs that I pulled off of the Neo. How far back does the Neo retain flight data? The first crash on the Oxy 4 was last November. It's only been 3-4 actual flights between the first crash and this crash, but there was a lot of on off due to setup after the rebuild (I replaced servos too). This was only the second or third flight on the Kraken since it was built. The Neo was pulled from a Goblin 570 that I never had issues with on about 15-20 flights.

The blades are snug in the grips (like I've always flown them). They can move, but it takes a little effort to do so.
RPM on the 580 with 570 blades is around 2000
RPM on the Oxy is around 2800

I pretty much sport fly with some mild 3D. I don't have the skills to push the airframes to the limit. It's probably been 5 years or so since I've dumped one with pilot error.

On the Kraken- When it did its thing it was basically some uncommanded piro flipping for a few seconds. When it quit- I was able to kill the motor and plop it in with a hard auto in to some tall grass/ soft gopher mound. The only damage appears to be from a blade strike.
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