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I'm using the vbar governor on both models. Both models have Hobbywing v4 ESCs. Something that I didn't think of before was I was using a Castle ESC on the Goblin 570. Shortly before I moved over to the Kraken 580, my CC ESC went up in smoke (on the bench, not in flight). I had very few, if any flights on the HW ESC in the 570. I have always had a HW on the Oxy 4.
I had seen the loss of gov signal in the log, but I thought it was intermittent.

At around the 3:18 on the 580 log rescue was activated. That was in response to my loss of control with the model (while it was piro flipping on its own). The heli did not recover on its own with rescue, so I cut the throttle and regained enough control to set it up for an auto. I didn't have enough headseed left to do a good auto though.
3:27 High vibration was most likely when it "landed". I was about 400-500 yards away from where the heli ended up so the terrain and orientation of the model could have obscured the signal.

Thanks for your time in looking into this. FWW- I have ordered Scorpion Tribunis ESC for both models since they integrate better with the vbar and could be an issue.
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