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Is it possible to paint main blades?
Yes - absolutely.
I scuff the area I am going to paint with some 600 grit, clean it with some PreSol and spray on some Krylon.
I’m flying a set of Nick Maxwell Revo blades on my Diabolo. I love the blades but they are nearly invisible when spinning. I’d like to put some color on them. Any suggestions?
Its a tough question. It seems that if you mix 2 dark colors together (black blade with a red tip), there isn't much of a noticeable difference. A bright silver has worked for me.
I've also used the silver aluminum metal duct tape that is used on water heater vent pipes - that is super thin and shiny. If you start at the back of the blade and wrap around the leading edge, it keeps the foil from pealing up in flight.
If you can find the laser etched rainbow tape - the stuff that really pops in the sun - it works great. I bought come rainbow tape from eBay that didn't really pop in the sun and it was a waste. But some that came with the Align blades was awesome - that stuff is visible a mile away.
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