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Hi all, I like to set up a plane using hw80 and spektrum telemetry rx, do I get an audible alarm for mah used on the dx9 or I have to use "smart" spektrum stuff?
You should first look at getting a Spektrum TM1000 telemetry module with the Spektrum XBus (4-pin) interface.
Also, the Castle Creation Edge ESC might be easier to get telemetry from than the HW. CC has a "Castle Link Live" interface for the Edge series that plugs into the TM1000 for telemetry.

The problem is getting the "mA Consumed" details for the "fuel gauge"

The HW, CC, Heli Jive / Kontronic report only their main battery Amps in (basically) real time through their telemetry output.

It is up to the flight controller (aka: Brain2 / iKON2) to sample and store the reported main battery Amps. Then the flight controller does the work to calculate the mA Consumed based on what's been stored. The result of the calculation is what is sent back to the transmitter as "mA Consumed".

If the Avian is basically a HW (or some derivation of the HW), then it is only reporting main battery Amps in real time. It would be up to the flight controller (receiver) in the fixed wing to do the calculations.

My bet is that the Spektrum flight controller's hardware (fixed wing or heli) isn't quick enough to do the calculations, and that's why you see no mention of "mA Consumed" on any Spektrum product.

You can also look at the JLogger (see their forum on the main page of HF) coupled with the TM1000.
Before the Brain2 supported the mA Consumed, I used the JLogger connected to my Edge ESC and TM1000 to get mA Consumed down to my DX9 for my Trex 600E. It worked great.
The thing about the JLogger is that it is supper flexible and is used by guys that are doing some really "out there" stuff with RC. They recently rolled out a new version of JLogger code because someone was testing his turbine jet and needed to record the airspeed up to 1,000KPH
The JLogger may or may not still be around, but the guy who designed it and supported it is still watching his forum.
He may have something that supports HW directly on his JLogger.
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