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Originally Posted by Rudy View Post
How do you do trims on the Vcontrol? Even on the best of days a gas/nitro engine needs a idle adjustment now and them.
I still fly the original VBC. The solution isn't perfect, but I programmed a macrocell to one of the knobs for trim. It also prevents accidental hotstart because the knob only controls from 0-~8% when the heli is in T/H regardless of which flight bank the radio is in. I had more than one hotstart going between electrics and nitros and accidentally leaving my radio in bank 2 rather than bank 1, which was required for starting a nitro. Now, I start in T/H (motor off) and adjust idle with the knob. Flipping in to 'motor run' from idle spools up slowly to the programed RPM.

The VBCt supposedly has this functionality preset to the trim wheels. But, I haven't played with a VBCt yet.
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