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The "next big thing" in RC batteries may be high continuous discharge li-ion packs. The drone guys are already starting to use them. They last more cycles, have more mah per volume and they don't care if you leave them fully charged sitting on a shelf for months or years. They also typically cost about $5 a cell (or about $60 for a 6S 2P 6000mah-ish pack) and you can easily make your own packs out of loose cells now that inexpensive mini spot welders have become a thing.

Molicel already has a 4200mah 21700 cell rated for 45A continuous discharge up to 170 degrees and they're only going to get better. This particular cell has been a big deal in the vaping community because using it in this way does not violate the manufacturer's recommendations unlike with other "high discharge" li-ions on the market.
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