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Why would anyone try to model a double brushed motor heli in a SIM?

How about flying a Blade 230s or any 450 size?

Those helis get so small quickly when you fly further away so many guys just fly 700-800 models or at least 550.

I doubt you can exactly model a 6G stability flight mode in the SIM but I heard RF8/9 did so.
I was not playing around that much with AccuRc to know all possible FBL options.

Rescue/Bailout should be available in general on SIMs and selected helis too.
But I wouldn't waste my time with stability modes...

Phoenix helis flew quite synthetic, but I think the PC of my LHS kinda had a general USB port problem because RealFlight helis also gave a quite different experience than what I experienced at home.
My own pretty old PC was behaving so much better....much more smoth (Reflex Xtr, RF 6.5).

As a beginner you shouldn't notice too many flying differences....your MasterCP with that special Walkera receiver should behave more calm / stable than true As3X helis on a Sim with 100% reality / sim speed factor.

The smallest might be a Trex250 or Oxy 2/3 for a Sim.

Micro helis never behaved that much realistic when flying...a downloaded Blade Mcpx for RF flew like a joke compared to real life.
Not sure if you may find any other heli like Wltoys V977 / XK K110 (60g), NanoCpx (30g) or something in between in the 45g sector.

If you train with a Trex250 in an indoor sport hall (triple gym) on the Sim you also should be able to fly a Walkera micro heli in 3G mode or the MasterCP later.
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