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There is little that can be done to future-proof any electronic device. Eventually, everything made as of today's date will become obsolete and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. The upgrading that is done to the radios today, is based on what was installed in the radio at the factory and unless there is an upgrade service at the manufacturer where you can send it in for an updated Android system, there is little chance of getting either radio upgraded to the "Latest and Greatest". I find it amusing that so many demand that their radio be so future-proofed and yet the cell phones they use are tossed every couple of years without complaint so as not to be "left behind by the Jones's". Eventually, the V-Control, Futaba, Jeti, Spektrum, and OpenTX radios will become completely obsolete and the owners will either change to the latest from their current radio of choice or move on to another system. No one expected the DX9 to be replaced anytime soon but it is being replaced by a bigger, better version that has one more channel and what looks to be a fairly long service life by today's standards. The DX9 has had a fairly long life and I expect both the iX12 and iX20 will also be around for quite a while. To me, backwards compatibility is far more important than what is going to be added in the next generation of radios.

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