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Originally Posted by trillian View Post
Another similar thread a while back got me thinking: What would I choose if I could only have one... but..... I had the full budget and resources that I currently spread among a bunch of helis, to lavish upon it.

Maybe a Takumi, with another spare airframe in spares? Banshee 850 if I could find one?

I honestly don't know. It would be difficult for me because I love the variety and I enjoy flying the 450s as well as the 800s - it's a very different flying experience.

Yeah I really like thinking about this question - like which of my helicopters do I like best and why?

I think most people fly helis the same way people fly rc planes. I've never met a plane guy who only has one model or one size. They seem to always have a foamy, a "crunchy", a warbird, a glider, a 3d plane, a gas plane...... and on and on

That's the way I describe my 9lb TDR 800 and my TDF to people. I tell them they are what I fly when I want to relax (like a glider). When I feel like beating the crap out of something I reach for my Align or Logo or Oxy
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