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I voted 480, but plan on making a 700 series nitro my future workhorse.

Upon entering this hobby I was a bit overly enthusiastic and acquired a wide spectrum of heli models in both electric and nitro. Over time though I slimmed the fleet down to just 2 models so I could keep a ready supply of parts around:

- MSH Protos 500
- SAB 380 (Gen 1)

The MSH protos 500 has had a surprisingly long parts support history so I just keep flying it. Not the easiest to work on due to the servo layout, but very lightweight heli that is cheap to fix as many of the parts are plastic in place of machined aluminum. Basically a great beater heli.

SAB 380 was a keeper for me as a take just about anywhere heli. Parts are reasonable, but not as affordable as the Protos though. A very visually pleasing heli whether flying or sitting on a table in my opinion.

In the future as I wear out these airframes I think I may just settle on nitro only. I would then have a single fuel source that works for all. When changing electric airframes I try to find models that share similar size batteries, but that rarely works out.

Waiting on the sidelines for now on nitro though to see what/when/if Synergy comes up with or may splurge on a SAB Raw nitro.

Being in this hobby awhile I have found that focusing on only one or two unique airframes works best for me. Otherwise I spend too much time, effort, and money trying to keep a fleet flyable. I have several other hobbies and interest so to keep from getting overwhelmed by helis (Like I did when I started) I feel less is more in my situation.
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