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Default If you could only one helicopter

Seeing helis as “tools” is one thing I cannot do. For me it’s all about having gorgeous things that fly and that are easy to maintain and with good parts availability. SAB’s Goblins have been able to do that for me. They’re relatively inexpensive to maintain but they are very expensive to repair.

So I don’t really see them as tools. Actually as much as I like Goblins I would offload my small ones as I definitely like 500+ size and although one is too few I would be ok with my 500 and 570 for now. I said the 570 if only one before in the spirit of this thread but two is the absolute minimum for me. The 500 and 570 share some parts but fly slightly different. To me the purpose of having more than one is not to have one for each need but as backup when crashing.

I will admit I struggle with the repair bills so a Logo 200 would be more of a tool indeed much like the sim does for me. Not free crashes but way less expensive than 500+ size. But I wouldn’t have just the tool just like I wouldn’t have just the sim.

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