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Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
Seeing helis as “tools” is one thing I cannot do. For me it’s all about having gorgeous things that fly and that are easy to maintain and with good parts availability. SAB’s Goblins have been able to do that for me. They’re relatively inexpensive to maintain but they are very expensive to repair.

So I don’t really see them as tools.
I wonder if "right tool for the right job" isn't more of an adage? The adage might be used to suggest that there isn't a single tool that fits all needs? As it applies to this discussion it might be used to say that a 470 helicopter might be a good choice for flying from a golf course, park or garden and a 700 might be a better choice for a FAI contest. If you only fly from a park the OP's question has a different answer than if you only fly big air at fun-flys. If you fly both, there is no answer to the OP's question.

They are tools in the sense that they are a device that allows me to achieve a goal; however, if we are being literal, I would admit they are much more toys than tools.
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