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Originally Posted by Cman View Post
How tight is everyone settingbtheir tail blades too?
I have an iKon2 in mine and have an annoying tail wag, i checked the linkage all smooth and free. Yesterday I was looking at it and realized the tail blades are extremely tight, and thought this helped my 250's i am going to loosen them and hope. The iKon does not show any bad vibrations hoping this is it. Feelingba bit dumb for not realizing they are tight
I gave up on this heli. Donít get me wrong I still have an Align 550L and owned a 600N DFC and 450L. They are all great helis but the 300X wasnít all that great. First Iíve noticed that the servos werenít all on the same level so I had to lengthen one of the linkage rods. I crashed the 300X from trying to adjust the mini GRS to my flying style. After repairing it I also had that annoying tail wag even after trying out different FBL systems I still had it. I gave up and got a omphobby heli and never looked back.
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