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Originally Posted by JimJW View Post
It’s not the first time that Oxy’s done it. The Oxy 4 was stretched and then ‘Maxed’. The Oxy 5 was stretched to a Meg, a 600. If the 5 Meg was made into a ‘Max’ it’d likely be a 700

Yep! I owned every oxy, up until recently. I sold the 2, because despite flying fantastic, it was just too small for me to want to work on. I have a pair of 3s, a 4, a 4 max, and a 5 that I quickly converted to a meg. I'm gonna be hard pressed to decide between a 700 oxy and a specter v2. I absolutely love the way my original specters fly, and really like the changes Ra made, but also enjoy my meg a ton! Decisions...
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