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Originally Posted by fiddle View Post
I looked at the FLASH for a while at IRCHA. I could not find any parts that it seemed to share with the oxy 5 that was nearby. Perhaps the skids ... was a little hard to tell on that but nothing else that I could see. It could have been the boom but the people in the tent said no. Although it resembles and oxy5 it doesn't seem to be using interchangeable parts.

Just looking at the pics I think the aluminum pieces holding the servos and motor together along with the counter bearing could be the same. Swash also appears to be the same along with the blade grips (except the blade grip arm which is longer). The tail section is the exact same as those on my HFs. I suspect the Sprag OWB and maybe the main shaft are also the same as in the HF.

To me this is a good thing if many of the parts are interchangeable with those on my Oxy 5 HFs.
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