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I looked at the FLASH for a while at IRCHA. I could not find any parts that it seemed to share with the oxy 5 that was nearby. Perhaps the skids ... was a little hard to tell on that but nothing else that I could see. It could have been the boom but the people in the tent said no. Although it resembles and oxy5 it doesn't seem to be using interchangeable parts.
the parts i imagine are interchangeable are things like the one way bearing/hub assembly, the main bearings and their housings, the servo mountings (and various other smaller frame parts, spacers etc), the swash etc.
A larger diameter shaft would have needed larger bearings and bearing blocks which would have needed a whole new OWB bub assembly and wider frame spacing, the swash would have to be bigger, the head block totally redesigned etc etc, ultimately meaning nothing would be common.

The boom probably wont be identical but the diameter probably is the same meaning the mountings and tail box and linkages etc can be shared. This is not a criticism, it makes sense to use common parts where possible.
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