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My first FrSky radio was the X9D+. Then I got the Access 2019 version. Now I’m using the X10s Express. I’ve never tried the Fros… always run OpenTX. Depending on how you look at it, you could say the X10 is either “heavier” or “more solid” feeling than the X9D. The color screen on the X10 is nice. It took me awhile to figure out how to configure the display via widgets but, like everything OpenTX, once you figure it out, it’s pretty cool. The gimbals on the X10s are very precise and feel great. I like the programming buttons on the X10 better than the scroll wheel on the X9D. The six position pot on the X10 is handy. The output that you use to flash a receiver or sensor is more sensible on the X10… you can use a standard servo cable, as opposed to having to switch wires in the cable to use the output in the external module bay in the X9D. Of course, with ACCESS receivers you can flash via OTA.
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