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The X10S Express is definitely a better radio. The large color LCD makes navigating through OpenTX so much easier than the small monochrome LCDs on the QX7 and X9D. The screens have more detail, words and menu names are shortened less, and the controls make more sense. I had a QX7 and X9D a few years ago, honestly there's just no comparison in navigability. The larger color LCD radios (Horus) also have more CPU power and RAM, which gives you widgets and lets you run larger Lua scripts more easily. The Brain2 integration script, for example, is much easier to use on the color LCD radios.

IMO, if you're buying a new FrSky radio in 2021, definitely get one with ACCESS compatibility. ACCESS is a bit of a point of controversy for some, but whether you love it or hate it, ACCST receivers are getting harder and harder to find in stock, and the newer ACCESS receivers are coming with more features and better design. I upgraded from my X10S to my current X10S Express a while back and couldn't be happier. I use pretty much exclusively (except on helis which I've been too lazy to switch over) the Archer RS receiver, which is a full range telemetry receiver the size of your thumbnail. It has F.Port which is a bidirectional single line communication protocol and if you're using Brain2/iKON2, you can get integration and telemetry over a single wire without the need for adapters, inverters, etc. It's awesome.

The only caviat to the Horus design is the ergonomics. Some people love it, some people hate it. From my experience letting people try it and feel it out, it seems that the people who don't like it are usually pinchers. It doesn't seem like a good radio for pinching. Thumbs though, most people like it. Personally, I'm a thumber and I really like how it feels.

As far as OpenTX vs FrOS, I wouldn't even bother with FrOS. It's already basically abandonware by FrSky, whereas OpenTX will continue getting updates for a very long time. Some people have and still use FrOS, but there is a reason it's not very common and most people use OpenTX. EthOS may be the new FrSky OS but I have no faith in it either. I have a feeling it will share the same fate as FrOS.
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