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Default Align 300x, not so bad


I flew mine yesterday. I use everything stock except:
  • MicrobeastX 5.1
  • Tattu 3S 1300mAh 100C battery (had to change the ESC connector to XT60).

I can't compare with other helicopters, but I have no wag, it flies at least as good as the one in my simulator (logo 500 in Heli-X 9).

This is how I solved some of the common problems and adjustments:
  • Used Align Trex 250x servo link for the elevator servo, that is 3mm below the other two servos (Stainless Steel Linkage Rod H25057)
  • The plastic end of main blade grips tend to pull out. It happened to me twice while flying. It seems a common issue, as others have complained in the forum. I ended gluing the plastic part to the metal rod with epoxy.
  • Paid attention to program the ESC 25A (which is actually a Hobbywing Platinum 25A) in external governor mode, and callibrated with my transmitter (a Spektrum DX8, 1st gen)
  • Pay close attention to blade tracking, and spent some time to swash plate levelling.
  • Use 75% in IDL1 (never using other modes), Gyro gain at 30%
  • Cyclic gain (the screw 1 at the bottom of the MicrobeastX) close to the max.
  • Cyclic forward (the screw 2) a bit over 50%.
  • Rudder gain (the screw 3) at factory default - 50%.

The wag I had at the beginning was due to excessive gyro gain, and bad blades tracking.

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