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Originally Posted by jrman83 View Post
A while back when I asked, "Wasn't Luca helping MTTEC when Compass folded?" What did you think I was talking about? Of course, you didn't seem to think Oxy would come out with a 700 any time soon, let alone two.

The Flash may get its name idea from where you say, who knows? As far as the 2nd 700 and your theory, that was the exact thing I was implying. Glad you finally caught up Not sure about calling one of the them a Chronos though. Seems kind of silly when the name has been used before.
Actually I think I'll be proved 100% right on the timing. What I said (in reply to someone wanting to buy an Oxy 700) was: I didn't think we would see any Oxy 700 available to buy this year, I still dont think we will. The heli at IRCHA was a development prototype, so I still think it will be well into 2022 before we see a 'Flash' in the dealers to buy. Only time will tell who was right on this but with only about 4 months of 2021 to go and Vietnam currently locked down I think the odds are very strongly in my favour.

And no, Luca was not helping MTTEC when Compass folded. Luca only came into the picture after Compass 'out of the blue' closed shop and MTTEC then went looking for a new machine shop to bring back the Chronos under MTTEC's own 'RAGE RC' brand. At the time Luca actually released a video specifically explaining that the new Chronos WOULD NOT be an Lynx/Oxy brand heli, but I think that might have changed.

I'm not trying to start an argument here, just a bit of harmless speculation on why the Flash was called the flash and what 'the other' 700 heli will be. If you dont agree that's fine, share your own theories if you like.
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