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Hi everyone,

just wanted to share my experience and why I would see a justification for an electric gov (or another FW update for the Avians for that matter...).
I am flying a SAB Goblin FB in combination with the 6250 and it's as far as I can tell working good (no experiece with other FBLs though). Still working on the adjustments...

I am running the SAB/HW ESC and it's actually running very well. Anyway I wanted to have telemetry and as the fc is not able to work with the HW ESC I was going for the Avian 60A but am still not able to get it working in gov mode. Wrote about that here:
Finally sent the ESC in to HH (Germany). Got it back with the statement we tested it with a test motor and it worked and that the issue is somewhere on my end....
Well, was not what I was hoping for especially as is seems that least some people having similar issues (stuttering and shaking on runup etc.)

So that's why I would see the need for an internal gov on the 6250 at least to cover cases where the ESC gov is not working good...

As of now the Avian sits on the shelf until either the FW gets an update or an FBL gov can be used...

We'll see...
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