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Flight Style: Smooth 3D / Big air
FBL System: Neo
Motor: Pyro 800-48
Pinion: 23
Headspeed: 1975, 2100
ESC: K200
Governor: Kontronik
Cyclic Servos: MKS 599
Tail Servo: MKS X8
Main Blades: Switch 713 XF (will swap out to VTX 697’s later on)
Tail Blades: Tri tail w/ 105’s
Lipos: HRB 12s 5000
Extra: RigidCore dampeners, UltraGuard lower frame reinforcement
TDR / Diabolo 700 / Triabolo / Diabolo SE / Diabolo 800 BEs / Diabolo UL
VBC, VBCT, Kontronik, MKS, Futaba, R2 buffer
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