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Originally Posted by Diogenes View Post
I probably haven't been flying for 6 months. Ended up getting out a 300 size heli that is essentially a mishmash about three different types, but flies quite well. Or at least it did.......

Was flying it around my house up and over etc, like I used to do which I had done for years with no problems. However this time I botched a turn and dropped out of site behind the house. I cut the throttle but I heard a smash. You ever see the commercials where the kid takes out a window with a baseball? Now picture doing that with a RC heli. The wife is not happy with me at the moment. And the bird is totaled. Oh well live and learn I guess I'll have to start going back to the park instead.

It is nice to be back though. Between work and catching covid-19 in the last month or so (was vaccinated, but man that still sucked) and all other stuff that's going on since the beginning of the year, I haven't even gotten anything out at all.
Welcome back Rusty!

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