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I wished that my 120A Avian started up that slowly, sigh. Mine started up even harder than your HW ESC and I would have given my eye teeth for the Avian to spool up that slowly. I do believe that the stuttering is power being fed to the coils by the ESC one direction and then the other to get the motor to spin the correct direction from a dead start. My Castle 120/Scorpion 890kv motor setup does that very noticeably as it has been setup with a very low power slow spool up so that the blades remain out and are not kicked out of alignment as power is applied to the motor. It was so bad with the Avian that the blades swung 45 degrees backwards in the first rotation after power was applied. Now the Castle 120A/Scorpion 450kv combination is as smooth as silk and very scale like as it is on a Jet Ranger. Hope this helps.

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