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I don't think it would take Tareq level, but could be wrong. I would imagine however, that a heli swinging 700+ blades at 13+ pitch at 2400-2600 would definitely make a 130A cough. Not everyone flies that, but some guys just like high headspeed. I have seen several pics of post flight data exceeding 250A. Depending on which ESC brand you use, some may not handle that kind of draw very well. You certainly couldn't use a 130A on a 700 sized speed setup where some setups come close to 300A. I have an Aureus 135A on one of my 700s. I've hit 197A twice that I know of and that is only @2150 HS. Current limiter is set for 200A though. In most cases definitely overkill, but most will do it to feel safe and have no issues. Cost difference isn't extreme between a 130/135 and a 200A ESC and the weight difference is a wash unless you're trying really hard to keep it light.
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