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maybe I am complaining to much;-)

To me the stuttering at the begining is a little bit annoying. I can live with it but am still wondering why another ESC is able to start up without?!?

Something that is also kind of just not feeling right is that the rotor spools up and reaches a plateau after a few second and then ramps up slowly from there. Would expect to see a ramp from the start. I was not able to change that behavior via the programming options.

Major issue to me still is the tail wag reaction on motor restart and why the tail is restarting so slowly (same as startup). Not that I would try autorotation (not with the direct drive and not my skill level:-)). I already cut the power once by accident and was really happy that the motor restarted directly.

I will build the ESC in now and try it under flight conditions just for the fun to see how it works out.
Still I do hope that the AVIAN ESC will be getting a little bit better behavior and more detailed programming options in future (as the HW actually has...)
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