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Default YGE rpm lead brown cable?

I am using a YGE 90LV V2 and want to use the Spirit gov.

On this ESC the rpm signal is on a split lead with one connector being only the rpm signal and the other connector being the 'slave' BEC power.

The rpm signal goes to the middle pin (pit). But... then it seems like some info is missing. or I am just being daft.

It says "It is important to connect the brown lead as well, to prevent extraneous radiation"

Sooooo, does that mean the brown (ground) wire from the BEC should be moved to the rpm connector which would put it into the Elev port ? Surely, if the slave BEC lead is being used (Y-connected into a servo port) the brown wire will already be connected.

It seems like what is left out of the info would be a line that says something like "if the slave BEC power lead is not in use... at least connect the brown wire...." but then, that seems kinda strange to me :-o

I'm just super cautious before putting anything in the elev/pit/ail ports so I want to make sure it is totally correct.
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