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To be fair I think the bad physics impression of Heli-X was before the latest version. They are vastly improved. I would give it a try, it's free after all in demo mode. I did a lot of training early on just with the demo since it give you full functionality (with limited model selection) for about a pack's worth and then kicks you back to the main screen.

Now neXt also has a demo mode but it's a bit more annoying as you have to restart the program itself. It kills the controller input after a certain time. I think neXt has by far the best visual quality on the lowest hardware of all of them.

AccuRC also has a demo version. Never used it, don't really know its limitations. This is what I have been using for a long time after using Heli-X and neXt for some periods of time. After I upgraded my PC I have an annoying graphics glitch that went away and then returned so I have been using Heli-X and I really like it.

I am approaching my winter no-fly season and will hit the sim hard. I am in between a VR sim setup and start saving up for a 700.
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