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I purchased the ix20 and this FC6250HX so I could make on the fly adjustments to the flight parameters of my heli. Now that I have everything setup I have no idea how to adjust the parameters to correct what I think is wrong with my heli, nor do I have any idea what to adjust to make it fly even better. I think Spektrum needs to make this a little more user friendly or at least put a guide in the manual with some tips on how to start adjusting.

I've read through the P I D "Proportional, Integral, Derivative" but that just adds to the confusion. The other confusing part is how far to move the sliders. There is a huge range of potential movement in each of those adjustments.

Heres my problem: If I fly forward flight and pull up into a stall, right when its stalled if I bang the collective back and forth (pitch pump) the heli wobbles on the fore/aft cyclic axis, it almost looks like I'm doing a tic-toc but I'm not. So it seems there is fore/aft cyclic happening when there shouldn't be. My swash goes up and down level when I move collective on the table.

What parameter should I try tweaking and how much value should I go? I'd hate to do too much and cause a problem in the air that may cause a crash. Thanks.
The settings are no different than any other modern flybar unit. All others have PID, Rotation rates, and so on. I would start with CG adjustment and make sure it is spot on. put the heli on its side, hold the blades pointing up to the sky and down to the ground, with the boom parallel to to the ground it should not move.
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