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You are right, but...
1. no binding (this is what you want at exteme condition)
2. as servos travels towards to down side will down, elevator pitch is limited
3. as you said, some positive pitch will applied because servos servos travels towards down side aren't moving, 14 deg neg collective + 9 deg elevator will definitely overload your motor, so this limited cyclic + auto decrease collective is an advantage !

Originally Posted by derelict View Post
i see.. BUT.... lets say i'm at -14 in pitch.... now i give half elevator.... which mean two servos will move down... and the other servo will move up..... so lets continue adding elevator input.... now the two servos which were moving down reach their limit setting and stop..... but the other servo which moves up (and therefore DOES NOT reach it's limit) will continue to move..... it's true that NO BINDING will occur.... but that servo which keeps on moving will:

- add even more elevator cyclic because it still moves
- and add a little bit of positive COLLECTIVE because the other servos aren't moving anymore!

am i wrong ?


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